Jared Kizer: From Farm Town to $50 Billion Under Management


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Jared Kizer

Jared Kizer

Where do investment experts come from? Do they hatch from Ivy League MBA programs? Or is it possible to have one of the most gifted investment thinkers emerge from rural America?

Jared Kizer grew up on a farm in Tennessee in a small town of 5,000 people. Growing up an avid baseball player, finance was never on his radar. A series of injuries led Jared to an interest in physical therapy, and for a time it looked like that would be how he’d spend his career. Fresh out of physical therapy school and married to a lovely dietician, Jared realized that neither he or his wife had the financial know-how to guide their businesses. Jared went to the local bookstore in search of resources. There, in the quiet aisles of Barnes and Noble, Jared came upon “The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need”, written by the person who would become his future colleague at Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Larry Swedroe.

On a whim, Jared reached out to Larry, and eventually their correspondence led to a job interview. While Jared lacked experience, he proved to be a natural fit in the finance world. Several years into his work at Buckingham, Jared received national acclaim for an article he co-authored, entitled, “The Death of Diversification Has Been Greatly Exaggerated.”

Since then, Jared’s analyses have been published multiple times, including a book he co-authored with Larry Swedroe himself. Now a CFA and CIO of Buckingham, Jared helps people make sense of this often complicated world on a daily basis. He even maintains a blog devoted to finance education at MultifactorWorld.com.

Here, he shares his story, strategy and insights for tackling successful investing head-on.

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Key Topics

  • Introducing Jared. [00:42]

  • Jared’s background and what led to his interest in finance. [03:16]

  • Jared’s relationship with Larry Swedroe. [07:31]

  • An evidence-based approach to investing. [10:27]

  • Changes in the styles of investing over the last 15-20 years. [11:39]

  • The stock picker’s ability to beat the average. [13:11]

  • Three categories of investment philosophy. [15:03]

  • Buying index funds directly vs. the evidence-based approach.  [18:18]

  • Evidence-based vs. total market approach in regard to Vanguard’s out performance of active vs. index funds.  [20:09]

  • Jared’s family life. [21:47]

  • Larry Swedroe’s impact. [22:32]

  • Drawing an analogy between sports and investing. [24:49]

  • How Jared’s perception of investing has grown over the years. [29:45]

  • Misconceptions in the investing world. [33:19]

  • Jared’s winning paper for The Journal of Portfolio Management. [38:25]

  • Institutional vs. individual investors. [42:54]

  • Investment advice. [45:47]

  • Jared’s current writing projects. [47:15]

  • Where you can connect with Jared. [50:42]

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