This is a podcast to help reframe the way you think about your money, emotions, behavior, and time.

The goal? Helping you live richly. Host Matt Hall will talk with the best thought leaders he knows, to learn from their meaningful experiences. Guests span from a psychotherapist who helps us understand why money is such a sensitive subject, to successful people with compelling stories that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the financial industry. The common thread will be a view or perspective that isn’t obvious.

Take The Longview will bury the vegetables of world-class thinking and stories in conversation, helping you put the odds of long term success on your side.


who is matt hall

Husband, father, cancer survivor, evidence-based investing evangelist, co-founder of Hill Investment Group, author of Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor, and now, the host of Take the Long View.

Matt guides listeners on how to set themselves up for long term success and live life richly.

No one is better than Matt at translating modern finance into real life applications. Amazon Best Seller, Odds On, has even been translated into Dutch and once spurred businessmen with Wharton MBAs to fly from England just to have lunch with Matt after reading his book.



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