Marilyn Wechter: The Mr. Miyagi of Financial Therapy


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Marilyn Wechter

Marilyn Wechter

Joining us on this first episode is Marilyn Wechter. With over 35 years of experience as a financial therapist and wealth counselor, Marilyn is an expert on how human beings relate to money, love and power. Money is often a taboo topic of conversation, and yet it plays a critical role in how we view ourselves. Marilyn has made it her mission to focus her practice on the psychological relationship between wealth and wellbeing.

Marilyn’s practice encompasses counsel for individuals and families, as well as lawyers, financial planners and advisors. At the core of her work is a desire to illuminate areas of discomfort. According to Marilyn, perspective is everything. When you’re able to look at your situation through a new lens, it’s possible to see opportunities that would normally fly under the radar, paving the way for new outlook on money and life.

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Key Topics

  • Introducing Marilyn. [00:41]

  • Marilyn’s background in psychotherapy.  [02:07]

  • Niche work of psychotherapy as it relates to finances. [03:09]

  • How Matt and Marilyn met. [04:21]

  • The pseudo-separation of money and humanity. [05:39]

  • The taboo around discussing money. [07:04]

  • Toughness vs. resilience. [13:12]

  • Day to day life as a therapist. [16:45]

  • Money as it relates to raising children. [21:00]

  • The importance of having good mirrors in others. [24:30]

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