David Kabiller - From “Goldman Slacks” to AQR - “To Know Me is to Love Me”


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David Kabiller

David Kabiller

David Kabiller is hugely successful and doesn’t need to do podcast interviews, in fact, he rarely grants requests. Enjoy this special episode with the influential leader who assembled one of the most important quantitative money management firms (AQR) in the world.

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Key Topics:

  • Introducing David Kabiller [00:46]

  • Tennis talk and how the sport impacted David’s career [01:56]

  • The early days and how David got interested in the investment world [6:35]

  • David’s decision to work for Goldman Sachs [9:39]

  • Meeting Cliff Asness, John Liew and Robert Krail and his ability to judge people [12:47]

  • His path to leaving Goldman and starting AQR [15:05]

  • The rewards of managing your own firm [20:42]

  • What David considers his unique ability [22:31]

  • How they identify talent and institutionalize that in their hiring [24:48]

  • How success changed things [28:42]

  • The QUⱯNTA Academy and Insight Program and how both impact the firm [31:36]

  • The importance of work-life balance for AQR’s corporate culture [34:19]

  • How David has taken the long view [38:57]

  • How David defines the money management world [42:26]

Mentioned in this Episode:

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