Cheree Berry Paper: Paper in a Digital World


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Cheree Berry

Cheree Berry

In Matt’s words “Cheree Berry Paper is the best paper resource you can find”

Cheree Berry is a friend and a total beast in the business world, she is Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Cheree Berry Paper, an award-winning graphic design and social stationery company known for creating unexpected event invitations and collateral. She is also an author and a former Kate Spade New York art director.

Cheree Berry Paper has won 28 American in Graphic Arts awards. Notable partnerships include an occasion-focused retail stationery line for Target, digital invite designs for Paperless Post and a set of 56 U.S. State-themed snowflakes that graced the East Hall of the White House. They have created wedding invitations for celebrities and notable individuals including Chelsea Clinton. They are, at heart, a graphic design company and believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Cheree Berry Paper is currently working to expand their product line and aiming to grow their presence in cities across the country.

In this episode, Cheree shares how the importance of hand written communication was instilled in her from a young age, and her tips for maintaining this in a digital age. She discusses what shaped her career after moving to New York City from a small town in Missouri. She reflects on important moments working with Kate and Andy Spade, and how she started her own business. Cheree shares the challenges and benefits of being a female entrepreneur and so much more.

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Key Topics

  • Introducing Cheree Berry [01:26]

  • How one of her cards grabbed the attention of a teenager [02:58]

  • How Cheree become a paper person [05:34]

  • The process of going from a small town to NYC and working for Kate Spade [06:48]

  • Cheree’s best memories of working with Kate and Andy Spade [08:34]

  • How she went from New York back to Missouri with confidence [11:34]

  • From freelancing to owning Cheree Berry Paper [12:30]

  • Celebrities she has worked with [13:40]

  • What does CBP do beyond weddings and what do you say to people about the price of the correspondence they create [15:38]

  • The most challenging or vulnerable moment in starting and/or running CBP [19:56]

  • Debbie Millman and Emily McDowell inspire her creative thinking [21:24]

  • Cringeworthy mistakes people make with written correspondence [22:33]

  • Challenges and benefits of being a female entrepreneur [24:58]

  • Being a paper maverick in a digital world, how do you combat that [27:12]

  • CBP stands by the value for the price of their products [32:55]

  • Cheree tells us who she would love to work with but hasn’t yet [34:25]

  • The future growth of CBP [36:09]

  • The components of a great handwritten note [37:19]

  • Things consumers should appreciate about correspondence communications [44:15]

  • How does CBP take the long view? [47:01]

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